Parcel delivery

Parcel delivery and pet transportation between Slovakia, Hungary, Slovenia, Italy (including Sicily) and Malta;
relocation and moving services in the European Union.


Our company offers parcel delivery - as groupage transportation - and pet transportation between Malta and other countries within the European Union such as Italy (including Sicily), Slovenia, Hungary and Slovakia.
Although parcel delivery is only available in the above countries but we do removals, relocation all around Europe. So do not worry if you live in another country just get in touch with us - we may can help you.

We deliver on road in a large closed commercial van. We are fully insured so your belongings are safe with us at all times.
Our insurance also covers the transportation of domestic pets but apart from that we take care of them as if they were our own.

Please feel free to contact us.



Parcel delivery

● Do you want to have a standard parcel delivered?
● Or rather just a mini parcel?
● Would you like to use our Parcel delivery PLUS service?
● Or would the basic service be enough?

Please read on and decide which one is the best solution for you.



Choose this option if you wish to book the whole capacity of the vehicle (6 m³/800 kg) for your belongings or just do not want to adapt to others or you may have a deadline to meet.
In this case transport will be scheduled to your needs as far as possible. 


Pet transport

Domestic pets are transported in accordance with European Union regulations, so we have all the necessary and legally required permits and certificates.
Choose us if you want your pet to travel safely in a pet-friendly vehicle with a trained, knowledgeable companion.

Parcel delivery

We offer parcel delivery, mostly door-to-door.
There may be exceptions to the latter, for example, when someone wants to transport a small parcel from a location very far from our route. Normally in such cases, we could only offer a much higher price for delivery or we just cannot do the transport at all, but there is a solution for these cases too: with the assistance of a partner company, we can get the parcel collected from anywhere in the country (only with the consent of the customer). 

Parcels are normally delivered within 2-7 days of pick-up, depending on the locations (addresses and countries) and also the direction of transport (to or from Malta).

Cardboard boxes are the best choice for shipping your belongings although we accept soft or hard suitcases as well.
Electrical items, such as TVs, we recommend only sending in the original manufactures packaging. 
Please do not use any kind of shopping bags, plastic bags or bin liners as packaging - we cannot accept them as they break easily and may demage their contents.
We also do not transport anything without packaging.
More valuable and fragile items need to be packed very carefully in a smaller, lighter cardboard box so we can put them on the top of other boxes to protect them while we place the heavier boxes on the bottom.
The number of boxes will not affect the shipping price as we add all the weight and volume together and price it as one large parcel. 

Normally pick up and drop off take place from and to the outside entrance of the buildings (in case of an apartmant it is the main entrance of the building and in case of a family house, it is the gate of the house). So parcels must be handed over to us and taken over by the recipient in front of the building.
Please note, that if the Customer/Sender/Recipient does not provide parking for us directly at the entrance, in that case the driver will park at the nearest available place and the parcel(s) must be handed over/received at our vehicle. A possible parking fee is charged to the customer.

Parcel delivery PLUS: if you find that your item is too heavy for you to carry or you want us to carry it to/from upstairs please choose this option. In this case parcels are picked up from the house/apartment and taken inside the house/apartment on delivery, we do not require assistance from the sender and recipient. This service has a 20% surcharge including the transportation upstairs. 

Standard parcel: it has a maximum of 30 kg weight allowance and in volume it cannot be larger than 0.15 m³.
If you send more items at the same time their weight and volume are added together and count as a single shipment in the aspect of pricing.

Mini parcel: it is shipped from a collection point to a drop-off point. This type of parcel can only weight a maximum of 10 kg, its volume cannot exceed 0.04 m³ and its value cannot be higher than €100. If the allowable weight, volume or value is exceeded, the parcel will be considered a standard parcel and the price will be adjusted accordingly.
A customer can only order one mini parcel during the same shipment; it cannot be consisted of several pieces, and cannot be combined with any other parcels. Mini parcels are picked up and delivered at a time specified by us, but previously arranged with the sender and recipient.
In case of damage, our insurance covers the parcel up to a maximum of €100.
The mini parcel service is only available from Hungary to Malta and reverse.

Collection/drop off points:

Miskolc - Tesco Extra parking lot
Hatvan - Tesco parking lot
Fót - Auchan parking lot
Székesfehérvár - Auchan parking lot
Nagykanizsa - Tesco parking lot

Hotel Santana parking lot - St Paul's Bay

(The mini parcel can also be picked up/dropped off at our storage unit in Rabat by previous agreement).

We kindly ask you to mark the boxes containing fragile items and the ones which may not be rotatable using the international packing symbols (you find these symbols under How to pack).
It is very important that the weight of a box marked as fragile should not exceed 15 kg for the maximum protection of its contents.


(Although there are people who move from one country to another with only a few boxes, please note that this does not qualify as removals/moving, so in such cases, please scroll back to the Parcel delivery section. Thank you for understanding.)

We can offer  international removals to/from the following countries:

▪ Slovakia, Hungary, Slovenia, Italy (including Sicily) - Malta

▪ Malta - Italy (including Sicily), Slovenia, Hungary, Slovakia
▪ Hungary - other EU country
▪ Malta - other EU country.

You have two options regarding how much help you need:
▪ vehicle + driver (the driver can assist you with loading and unloading if needed)
▪ vehicle + driver + 1 helper (loading and unloading are completed by the driver and helper).

Other services are available on request:
▪ disassembly and assembly of furniture,
▪ packing,  
▪ providing packaging materials.

In case that you would like to reserve the full capacity (6 m³ / 800 kg) for your belongings either because you just do not want to adapt to others or you may have a deadline to meet, select removals.
In this case, the shipping schedule is tailored to your needs as much as possible - you can choose the pick-up and drop-off dates best suitable for you. Please note that the dates you wish to choose may be affected by several factors like our other bookings, ferry services in case of an island country, etc.  Also extreme weather or unforseen circumstances may have some impact on these dates so prior consultation is always required.

If you think your belongings would not fill the entire vehicle, choose our Parcel delivery PLUS service. With this option all your parcels will be transported together with other customers' belongings that are travelling to the same destination.
This is a more cost-effective solution, but in this case you will have to adapt to our regular transportation schedule - both for pick-up and delivery.

For a quote please provide us with the following details:
▪ place of collection (only country, town and postcode - no full address needed at this point)
▪ place of delivery (only country, town and postcode)
▪ an approximate value (for insurance purposes)
▪ floor number at both addresses
▪ whether there is a lift available (spacious enough for your largest piece of furniture) at the addresses or just stairs
▪ whether you require a helper besides the driver
▪ need of other services (e.g. packing, disassembly, assembly, packing materials, stb.)
▪ parking availability at both addresses (in front of building entrance).

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Pet transport

We always transport pets registered in the TRACES system.
Not to worry we will guide you step by step in the administration you need to complete for your pet to legally enter the island.
Please do not undertake any actions regarding your pet's travel (e.g. passport entries) without having a discussion with us first.

Pets travel in the same space with us in the vehicle but in a separated area designed and authorized for animal transportation. At night they stay with us in a pet friendly accommodation. Therefore we kindly ask you that the pet be handed to us
clean (dogs need to be bathed), dewormed and flea treated.
Dogs and cats are transported in our own approved crates. When transporting hedgehogs, rabbits, ferrets, reptiles and ornamental birds the pet may travel in its own cage if it fits in size within the designated area and can be properly secured.
Dogs have a chance to get out of the vehicle for a walk every 3-4 hours, always strictly on a leash. Cats may come out of their cages at the accommodation but all other pets remain in their cages for the whole duration of the trip.
The journey takes approximately 1-3 days from departure to arrival (depending on the direction of transport, pick-up location and destination).

Please prepare the following for your pet:
▪ dry food for your pet for 3 days (pre-portioned per meal)
▪ a leash (harness if needed)
▪ something to put in the crate for the pet to lay on (e.g. blanket, towel which does not take up too much space inside)
▪ one toy which comfortably fits in the crate with your pet so he/she would feel cosier during the journey (optional).

(The shipping fee only includes the transportation of the pet itself, the prepared food for 3 days, the leash and the blanket or such. All other pet equipment can be shipped in a separate parcel - please see Parcel Delivery).

We provide the following for the duration of the journey:
▪ a right size travel crate
▪ water bowl and fresh drinking water (placed in the crate)
▪ litter and litter tray for cats (placed inside the crate for them to use during the journey so they feel comfortable at all times).

It is important to know that:
▪ in Hungary, the pet is picked up/delivered at a place and time specified by us;
▪ the pet arriving to Malta will be handed over to the owner or the authorized person at the ferry port (in other  cases, like transportation to a transit country, by prior arrangement);
▪ pets leaving Malta are also picked up at the ferry port.

Upcoming dates*

(The dates below indicate the day of departure, which may not always be the same as the date of collection.)

Slovakia › Hungary › Slovenia › Italy to Malta


14 June

Booking deadline:
7 June


26 July

Booking deadline:
19 July


30 August

Booking deadline:
23 August

Malta to Italy › Slovenia › Hungary › Slovakia


18 June

Booking deadline:
7 June


30 July

Booking deadline:
19 July


3 September

Booking deadline:
23 August

* We reserve the right to make changes to these dates.
(Percentage data indicating the remaining load capacity applies only to the above parcel transport dates;  
in case of removals, please get in touch with us.)

How to book


Ask for a quote*

For a quote please e-mail us the following details:
▪ place of collection (country, town and postcode needed at this point)
▪ place of delivery (country, town and postcode needed at this point)
▪ weight (already packed)
▪ dimensions (all 3 sides of items for us to be able to calculate volume)
▪ an approximate value (for insurance purposes)
▪ choosen date of transport.


Receive your quote

Based on the above details we send you a quote in 1-3 working days.
Then you decide wheather you accept the offer. If you do so please get back to us and request a booking form.


Complete booking form

Once you receive the booking form please fill in and e-mail it back to us.



Once we receive your booking form we process it in 1-3 working days then we confirm your booking (or request an edit/additional details if needed).


Arranging collection and delivery dates

About 2-7 days before collection we send you an e-mail (in some cases we call you) to let you know the date and time of pick up. We give you a 3 hours timeframe when you can expact the arrival of our driver.
We also call your recipient to arrange a delivery date and time (also with a 3 hours timeframe).
If we cannot reach your recipient within a day or two of calling, we will contact you for an alternative contact method or for instructions on how to proceed.

* For a quote for pet transport please provide the following details of your pet: species, breed, age, weight, house-trained or not, any illnesses.
If you are interested in removals you can find a list of the required details under "Removals" or contact us for more information.

▪ Please inform the sender and recipient that we are only able to respond to telephone calls on the days of collection/delivery. Unfortunately we are not able to read and respond to emails, Facebook messages these days. In case of any problems, changes, or other cases, please call us by phone.
▪ Please make sure that the sender and the recipient are available at the specified phone numbers on the day of collection and delivery.
▪ If we cannot reach the sender by phone, the parcel will not be picked up, but the customer will still have an obligation to pay for the parcel in full as if it was transported.
▪ In the event that we are unable to contact the recipient hence delivery fails, the recipient must call the carrier and personally pick up the parcel at a specified time and place (determined by the carrier).
▪ Please carefully provide pick-up and delivery addresses where your parcel can be picked up and delivered at any time - from early morning until late at night. Parcels also can be handed over to us and received by a family member, a neighbour, a friend, etc. as long as we are informed in advance and provided with their details like name and phone number.
▪ Please keep in mind when ordering that the carrier cannot adapt to your specific needs regarding collection and delivery times.

How to pack

In transporting your belongings proper packaging is a priority so we would like to give you some helpful tips.

  • First of all do not forget that you are responsible for choosing a proper way to pack your belongings. So please use the method of packing and materials accordingly to protect the contents of your parcel and the ones around it (remember that many other parcels are being shipped alongside yours). Larger and heavier packages might damage the smaller ones which don’t have a sturdy packaging. When packing always consider the weight, shape, and fragility of the objects you want to send.
  • Your parcel should be protected against any impact shock or vibration it can suffer during transport, but it should also be moved, lifted and carried easily.
  • Please do not use any kind of shopping bags, plastic bags or bin liners as packaging - we cannot accept them as they break easily and may damage their contents. Also our insurance company does not cover for them.
    We also do not transport anything without packaging.
  • For electronic products please use the original packaging (the box the item came in with the internal styrofoam filling).
  • A standard parcel can be filled up to the weight of 30 kg, but please take into account the quality, load capacity and condition of your box. Avoid using old, used boxes as much as possible, only use good quality, sturdy boxes for the maximum protection of the contents.
  • However if you still would like to reuse an old box, please make sure it is still strong enough and there are no labels on it from previous shipments as they can confuse the couriers who are handling it. So remove or cover any old labels, writings, serial numbers, packing symbols and any other markings that may be misleading.
  • It is best to choose a right size box or suitcase for your items to avoid to leave any empty space inside or overfill it.
    It is important to fill the empty space as it can cause your box to collapse. A not fully filled box, when stacked with other boxes, can be crushed by the weight of the others, while an overfilled box can bulge on the sides or top and when it’s stacked with other boxes, it’s going to create a problem (as it is no longer flat). The stack of boxes will either lean to one side or is going to compromise the sturdiness of the box weaken its hold to such an extent that it can break causing damage to the contents.
    Do not let the contents of your box move, if necessary, use filler materials such as cardboard pieces, styrofoam, bubble wrap, foam chips fillers or even crumpled newspaper to fill up the void.
  • When packing, heavier things (e.g. books) should be packed in smaller boxes, and lighter things (e.g. bedding) in larger boxes. This way, smaller and larger boxes will all weigh about the same and none will be too heavy for one person to handle.
  • If you would like to ship more than two parcels at the same time please number the boxes according to their order number on the booking form for easier identification.
  • Never tape or strap multiple parcels together, as they can become loose and separate during shipment. Either place all items in a larger box or send the items in separate parcels.
  • Pack ‘like’ contents together. Avoid putting fragile items in the same boxes with heavy items. 
  • We recommend wrapping your suitcase and luggage with packing foil to avoid any possible aesthetic damage or dirt. It is also worth doing the same to cardboard boxes, as this way you can seal all the possible gaps and openings.
  • Suitcases should not have any broken or sharp plastic/metal parts sticking out as it can cause personal injury or damage to other parcels.
    If there is any such part, cover it with a piece of cardboard, then secure it with a strong tape preventing accident.
  • Please do not lock your luggage so that the contents can be checked during any customs inspection.
    If you still want to do so, please use cable ties that customs officers can remove without damaging the suitcase.
  • Fragile items need to be packed in a sturdy cardboard box, other packagings cannot protect them properly.
    As things can shift and settle inside boxes during transportation and you don’t want your breakable items crashing into one another use appropriate padding. Wrap every single fragile, vulnerable, or high-value items individually either with bubble wrap or other wrapping materials, and prevent them from touching the sidewalls of the box.
    Pack your fragile items tightly, the more room an item has to move inside a box, the more it will move once the vehicle is in motion. Try to leave as little space as possible inside the box carrying breakable items.
    In case of fragile contents, make sure that it is clearly marked on the box using the international packaging symbols and additional wording and please also warn us when picking up your parcel. The use of these symbols warns us to be cautious but will not protect the sensitive contents so please make sure to pack properly.
  • In the case of your box containing liquid, make sure that the liquid does not leak under any circumstances. Cover the cap tightly with foil, then wrap the bottle itself in bubble wrap, place it in double watertight plastic bags, and seal it with waterproof tape. This inner packaging must be able to contain leaks.
    Position bottles that contain liquids upright. If you place multiple fragile bottles containing liquid in the same box, they must be individually wrapped and separated to prevent contact between them.
    These parcels must be transported in an upright position, so always indicate their orientation on the outer packaging.
  • Although during transport your parcel stays in the same position as you hand it over to us it must be marked clearly if it can only be transported in a specific position.
  • All edges, openings, seams, gaps or holes on the parcel should be sealed in a way that the contents cannot be accessed without damaging the outer packaging.
  • If international packaging symbols are used, they should be large enough to recognise them easily and displayed at least on two sides of the box and on the top of it.
    Please cover them with clear tape to prevent any damaging or smudging.

International packaging symbols

(click on the symbol to download)




Handle with care


This way up


Keep dry

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